June 21, 2021

Fruit Picker Jobs Hiring in Brisbane

fruit picker jobs brisbane


A good number of youngsters these days opt for vegetable and fruit picker jobs in Brisbane, since it is interesting.

Not much paper work is necessary and the person can enjoy working in the wilderness amongst natural surroundings. Fruit picker jobs based in Brisbane do offer immense fun and enables him/her to earn quick money.

Scopes for fruit picker jobs in Brisbane

brisbane fruit picker jobs

A good number of youngsters have learnt driving big vehicles such as farm based machinery and tractors. They also have some knowledge to work on machinery parts and to repair them. There are plenty of jobs for such youngsters.

Good wages

Most jobs offered in the farm like fruit picker jobs in Brisbane are offered weekly payments. The rates offered for fruit and vegetable picking is really lucrative and up to date. The fruit pickers in Brisbane can be rest assured of not get gin cheated of their wages if they are registered members with the concerned authorities that supervises the needs and plights of fruit and vegetable pickers.

Seasonal fruit picker job

At many places, fruit picker jobs are mostly seasonal work. This means, workers are hired only during fruit picking seasons in Brisbane. Different weather conditions come with different set of wage rates. However the job is quite demanding and needs plenty of labor and physical work. It is also extremely strenuous.

  • You must be physically fit to work
  • Clean police records
  • Can handle mutiple tasks
  • No experience needed

To apply this job, the person needs to be healthy fit and in good physical shape. Since there are several fruit farm owners, it is easy to earn some quick money. Efficient and skilled workers are paid much better. Few fruit picker are known to pay as per the bucket picked up. In case, the person works in the shed, pay rates depend upon packed number of boxes along with other factors.

Some farmers even offer accommodation and free meals besides good wages.

Excellent options are also offered with wider range of fruit picking jobs in Brisbane, Australia. Interested people are free to choose their working days, ranging between few days or even weeks or months. It is the person applying for the job who will decide the working days.

Fruit picker jobs are also among the easiest jobs available for anyone willing to work very hard. It is possible to earn substantially even after working half a day. There is assisted job assurance for those registered at any reputed fruit picking farm.

This way, the person gets the opportunity to get a job and enjoy getting the perks.

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