June 17, 2021

Fruit Shop Worker Jobs Hiring in Brisbane

fruitshop worker brisbane


Before applying for fruit shop worker jobs in Brisbane, you need to know what you should expect from this field.

People in general are required to purchase fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Retailers are always crowded with customers, more specially during occasions purchasing milk, food and other items.

Description of fruit/food retail job in Brisbane

Hence, store owners are compelled to seek staffs who can deal with customers and help them complete their purchase smoothly and without any hassle.

They act as a liaison helping customers with their purchase and compel them to return back again for more.

brisbane fruit shop attendant

Work involved in fruit shop worker jobs in Brisbane, Australia

Food/fruit attendant or worker retail tends to cover tasks requiring to sell food and fruits. There are plenty of career options to avail from. You may get employment with a huge supermarket, sell specialized foods, sell vegetables and fruits at a greengrocer, serve the community by working at any local food store, etc. The choices are plenty.

Ranging from area manager in fruit store to customer service assistant, you daily duties may include the following, depending upon your position:

  • Advising customer on cooking & preparing meals
  • Serving customers
  • Visit wholesalers and markets to stock up and seek more business
  • Unload deliveries, stack shelves
  • Prepare displays
  • Receive deliveries, check product quality
  • Order fresh stock
  • Purchase

If you love fruits and/or vegetables, then you can seek fruit shop worker jobs in Brisbane at retail stores which specialize in them. You are sure to enjoy your fruitshop job as you get to pursue your passion. Also, your product knowledge will help to convince customers to go ahead with their purchase.

Other crucial information pertaining to fruit shop worker jobs

You are expected to work for about 40 hours in a week, which can be in shift patterns and be on weekends and weekdays. You may also be required to work late nights and early mornings, depending upon opening and closing hours of the store

You also are expected to wear some specified protective clothing depending upon the food type working with, to ensure greater hygiene.

Rewards & perks

Your earnings will change with age, location, company, working full time or part time. But those engaged in fruit shop worker jobs in Brisbane do enjoy getting decent wages. With experience, you can also expect your salary to increase manifolds.

If you prefer working in flexible working conditions, where you can learn about transferable skills, then it is the perfect career to choose.

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