June 16, 2021

Tree Cutter Jobs Hiring in Brisbane

tree cutter jobs brisbane


Tree cutter jobs in Brisbane involve cutting away excess or dead branches from shrubs and trees, to maintain utilities, sidewalks and roads.

It also helps to enhance value of the trees, its health and appearance.

Basic job description of tree cutter / Trimmer & Pruner in Brisbane

The work of the tree cutter is to treat or prune shrubs or trees by using pruning hooks, handsaws, clippers and sheers, including power pruners and truck mounted lifts.

Also, they may be required to fill up cavities present in trees, thereby preventing deterioration and boosting health.

brisbane tree cutter jobs

Few tree cutter jobs to perform in Brisbane, Australia

  • Sharpen, clean and lubricate equipments and tools.
  • Brace, cable, bolt, tie, guy and stake branches and trees to offer better support.
  • Use climb ladders or climbing belts and hooks to climb tall trees to access work areas.
  • Clear grounds, streets and sites of herbaceous and woody materials like fallen limbs, trees and tree stumps.
  • Cut excess and dead branches from trees. Also clear branches that obstruct power lines. Use extended truck boom buckets or climbing equipments and/or hooks, chainsaws, clippers, shears and handsaws.
  • Gather refuse and debris from tree removal and trimming operations in Brisbane and make them into piles, using various tools, including rakes and shovels.
  • Load refuse and debris into trucks. Haul them for disposal.
  • Inspect trees and identify pest problems or diseases.
  • Treat unhealthy trees or spray them by using calibrating spray equipment and mixing chemicals
  • Operate chipping and shredding equipment.
  • Remove all broken limbs hanging on wires by using hook shaped extension poles.
  • Tree cutter jobs in Brisbane also involves cutting down, prune, spray and fertilize trees as prescribed by tree surgeons.
  • Top, reshape and trim trees to ensure availing attractive shapes. Also eliminate low hanging branches.
  • Use pruning shears and saws to trim jagged stumps.
  • Apply protective substances like tar and seal or cut surfaces, thereby safeguarding them from insects and fungi.
  • Fertilize, root-feed and water trees.
  • Hoist equipment and tools to tree trimmers. Use block or ropes and tackle to lower branches.
  • Make slits and cut rings in stripping bark and bark and harvest tanbark, using axes or spuds.
  • Create feasible budget meant for tree work. Estimate tree monetary value.
  • Lightning protection to be installed on trees.
  • Tree cutter jobs do require providing crucial information to public about trees like tree care related advice.

Therefore, above are few of the many tasks that tree cutter jobs in Brisbane tend to involve.

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