August 2, 2021

Uber Eats Jobs Hiring in Brisbane

uber eats driver jobs in brisbane


Uber eats jobs in Brisbane involve picking up & delivering food orders to customers.

Perhaps, you may be interested to deliver food for Uber Eats. It is a popular on-demand food delivery app. Using this app, food lovers can order their choice of food from restaurants in the locality and get it delivered right at their doorstep.

Applying for Uber Eats jobs in Brisbane

Delivery drivers of Uber Eats in Brisbane are independent contractors.

brisbane uber eats driver job hiring

More about Uber Eats Jobs in Brisbane, Australia

Customers are allowed to choose their choice of menu items by using Uber EATs app. Once ordered, your task as a driver is to collect the ordered food and have it delivered to the customer at the given address. Uber eats jobs in Brisbane do not come with 9-5 timing.

Rather, you are free to set your own time and without any schedule. Simply as a delivery partner, you need to log onto the company app when desired to work and log out if you wish to.

What does uber eats jobs involve?

As an Uber Eats driver in Brisbane, you need to undertake the following assignments:

  • Customer requests are forwarded to drivers specifying clearly pickup & delivery points.
  • Drivers are to pick up ordered food and deliver them to customers on time. They are not to handle payment.
  • Driver needs to be 19+ years to apply for this job.
  • Some cities may offer scooter or bike delivery. It is necessary for bicycle delivery partners to be18+.
  • 1999 make vehicles or newer versions are accepted by Uber Eats for delivery purpose.
  • Tips can be offered by customers in cash or through Uber app. Drivers can retain 100% tip amount.
  • Drivers get paid for pickup and delivery fee as well as mileage from pickup to customer. 25% cut is to be given to Uber.
  • Drivers may earn about $8-$12 an hour after deducting their vehicle expenses.
  • Food deliveries are allowed only when you work.

How to apply for uber eats jobs

Direct application is allowed on Uber Eats official website, without requiring to become Uber rideshare driver. In case, you are an existing driver, then you can choose receiving Eats request by visiting

Application requirements for uber eats jobs

  • Need to be 19+ years to apply for a job as a driver.
  • Need to have driver’s license, vehicle registration proof and valid insurance.
  • License history of 1 year
  • Vehicle requirements – 1999 or latest version.
  • Need to lift around 30 pounds

So, getting to know the above can help you to apply for uber eats jobs in Brisbane.

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