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April 3, 2020

Jobs Hiring in Australia For Filipino (No Experience Needed/Fresh Graduate)

jobs hiring australia for filipino


Filipinos can apply directly in Australia under Australia based manpower agencies and they are needed to work as skilled workers in different categories. These who are still in Philippines, they will apply in the accredited agencies.  To avoid being a victim of illegal recruiters, the applicants need to apply only in the agencies that have been accredited.

Here are the jobs hiring for filipino in Australia that doesnt need work experience

filipino au

There are many Filipino communities in the country of Australia and there are a large number of the Filipinos in Australia that were born there.  Filipinos who work in Australia can make an average of 673 Australian dollars every week and this is 88,000 pesos every month.  After working for some years, they are allowed to ask for a permanent residency while they have a chance of bringing the family to the country. The two cities are Melbourne and Sydney and they belong to the 10 safest cities in the entire world.

There is no need to pay for a placement fee to the agency to be employed in New Zealand or in Australia.  This means that you should not pay for recruiters and agencies to get the job.  

You can easily get both seasonal and temporary job in Australia and the two major industries in the country are agriculture and tourism.  However, if you wish to live in Australia for a long term, you can get a permanent or a professional employment.  There are schemes that give the priority to the people with experience, qualification and skills. You have better chance to succeed if you are having desired experience, qualification and skills. It is also possible that you may be sponsored by employer through the Employer Nomination Scheme.

There are many areas where you can work:

  • Major Industries: steel, chemicals, tourism, mining, agriculture, transportation, equipment, industrial and in food processing
  • Recent growth  places: services sector, education, agribusiness  and tourism

While working in Australia, you will have:

  • Average of 38 hours  per week as an average and the extra hours has to be paid for overtime rate
  • Holidays: for all permanent employee of Australia, they are entitled for four weeks of paid annual leave for every year. The public holidays will depend on which state you live in.
  • Tax rate: if you are a non resident, you will be paying a higher tax contribution compared to the Australia residents.

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How to apply for an Australian job

To apply for a job in Australia, you will need to submit a CV or a resume with a covering letter. You may use the form developed by the company.  You should add the comments about how you may add the value or to contribute to workplace in the country of Australia. There are career services that offer the service on how to write an application for a job and a resume. There is what it is called a speculative application which is common in the country of Australia. It means that when you like a company, you can still apply to it directly.  You should apply for a graduate job when you have already a visa and you became a resident there.

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  1. This is very useful for Filipinos who are currently in need of a job. A job that can be helpful for their brighter future. I hope I could find a job here asap.

  2. Good day ma’am/sir, I just asking if this job is still available? I am fresh graduate from Philippines and where can I apply this job?

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