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July 11, 2020

Nurse Jobs Hiring in Australia For Filipino (no experience required)

nurse jobs hiring in australia for filipino


Nurses are among the most popular job hiring in Australia of Filipinos worldwide.

Australia is among the top most developed countries and are in need of nurses and midwives. This article explains in detail how a Filipino citizen can get a job as a nurse in Australia.

Note: There are several categories of nurse jobs hiring in Australia for Filipino, which are explained below.

nurse australia pinoy filipino

Australian nurses are categorized as Nursing Assistants (NA), Registered Nurses (RNs), Clinical Nurses (CNs), Midwives (Nursing Assistants) Enrolled Nurses (ENs) and Nurse Practitioner (NP). However, for the purposes of migration assessment, the main categories of nurses are: Enrolled Nurses, Registered Nurses and Midwives. It is easy to find a nurse job in australia if you are a filipino.

Enrolled Nurses (ENs)

This category of nurses is aimed at people who studied between 18 months and 2 years to obtain a Nursing degree. Enrolled nurses are known as second-level nurses with the aim of providing nursing care and they also work under the instruction, supervision and direction of a registered nurse.

The main job of an Enrolled nurses include observing, measuring and recording patient statistics, maintaining patient hygiene, feeding patients and also provide first aid and emergencies, educating patients about health, lifestyle, and maintaining a safe Environment. Also note that an Enrolled nurse cannot be allowed to act independently.

Registered Nurses (RNs)

The Registered nurse category is studied for 3 years at a university or in health facility to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The main job of registered nurse include administration, team leaders or department heads, drug management, customer evaluation and administration, specialized nursing or research. Registered Nurses have more freedom of choice and are responsible for “ensuring the quality of work through their participation in teaching, assessment of competencies, monitoring and evaluation of customer results”. ,


This category mainly includes registered nurses with additional qualifications for midwives. These are professionals with “pedagogical preparation, competence to practice and qualification as a midwife”.

Midwives are majorly responsible in the wellbeing and partnership with pregnant women. They provide “the support, care and guidance needed during pregnancy work and the postpartum period. The midwives can also handle childbirth and take care of newborn babies.

For midwives, health counseling and education plays an important role for women, the family and society. It includes “pregnancy preparation, preparation for parenting, women’s health, sexual and reproductive health and childcare”.

There a five assessment standard that must be followed before a Filipino can get nursing job in Australia, which are listed below:

Nurse Job Hiring in Australia For Filipino

Standard 1: Identity of the applicant

In order to ensure that all qualifications match the names submitted. Applicants must submit:

  • Photographic evidence and proof of identity document.
  • Proof of verification of the current registration and licensing.
  • Proof of names that correspond to proven qualifications, such as marriage certificates or name change certificates.

Note: All documents must be original copies and be sure it is not expired.

Standard 2: English language

In this profession, communication is important for nurses to understand the instructions of the doctors, to properly distribute medications and, ultimately, to give the patients the care they deserve.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship known under the body DIAC recognizes the International English Language Test System under the body of IELTS and the Professional English Test under the body of OET.

In order to scale through this second standard phase applicants must earn 7 points in IELTS and B Pass OET for Nurses. But note that most health organizations in Australia require that filipino nurses and midwives receive at least 7 points for the IELTS Academic Test.

Standard 3: Education and Training

Filipino nurses and midwives in australia should be able to practice critical thinking and research skills. These skills are usually developed as part of higher education and / or a continuing education program. The following document evidence must be met for registered nurse/ midwife candidates:

  • The educational experience must be a university degree equivalent to at least 6 full-time semesters and also documentary evidence justifying a qualification and / or experience
  • Postgraduate courses shouldn’t be more than the interval of 12 months.

Standard 4: Your experience

The recent development of technology, treatments, and forms of care and the growing role of nurses and midwives, the ANMAC body has made it important for applicants to show evidence of recent practice.

  • Applicants must have a certificate or admission as a nurse / midwife in the country where the diploma was issued or from the country where they currently reside.
  • Applicants must also have practiced in the 5 years prior to the application and should also worked in their area of ​​activity as defined by ANMAC.

Note: The certified employment documents are certified copies of the registration or admission which shows the number of years of employment as a nurse / midwife in the phase of five years before the application.

Standard 5: Practicality

This requirement is intended to ensure “the integrity of the profession and its regulatory processes”. The fifth standard is intended to protect the public and the profession from “professional misconduct or adverse consequences” arising from the mental disability of nurses or midwives.

Nurses Jobs Hiring in Australia For Filipino

The following documents listed below should be provided by applicants:

  • No mental disability
  • No physical disability
  • No criminal record or conviction
  • No disabilities related to the occupation, and also no physical or mental disabilities that would prevent them from practicing in Australia.

Note: The reputation of Australia as a country is not affected by the global recession, its size and wealth, relaxed lifestyle and also the proximity of the Philippines makes it a very attractive destination for qualified Filipino nurses in Australia.

If you would like to become a nurse or midwife, check the websites of the competent authorities (ANMAC, APHRA and NMBA, as well as the Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection or DIBP) on how to facilitate a positive response to your immigration.

Just comment below your questions and suggestions, we will try to answer you all one by one. We want the best for our readers, subscribers and followers. You can start your job hunting journey now to get a nurse job in Australia as a Filipino. Just keep looking and do not give up, it will be all worth it. Just pray to the God in heaven.

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