June 18, 2021

Nurse Jobs Hiring in New Zealand For Filipino (no experience required)

Nurse Jobs Hiring in New Zealand For Filipino


Do you know that many nurse jobs hiring in new zealand for filipino that is actually easy to apply. Read this article below to know more about it. Nurses from the Philippines are now beylikdüzü escort the third largest ethnic group of Nurses in New Zealand: from just over 10,000 in 2001, the number of Filipino Nurses in New Zealand rose to over 40,347 in 2013.

Registration conditions in of nurse jobs hiring for filipino in New Zealand

Nurse Job Hiring in new zealand For Filipino

Graduates of Nursing care programs outside New Zealand, like most Filipinos, must meet the seven requirements for registering in New Zealand. These requirements are:

  • Submission of legal documents proving identity
  • Nursing equivalent at level 7 or 8 of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework
  • High level of spoken and written English (with at least one B for each group in an OET test or at least 7.0 for each group in an academic IELTS test)
  • Current care registration abroad
  • Fitness for practicing
  • At least two years experience as Registered Nurse in the Philippines or abroad
  • Conduct a Competence Assessment Program (CAP) to demonstrate the ability to practice in the New Zealand context.

Note: To practice nursing in New Zealand if you are a Filipino, you must meet the new requirements of the Nursing Council New Zealand which is abbreviated as (NCNZ). Enrolled nurses which is known as (RN) are initially considered state-certified nurses, but if you want to be classified as an International qualified Nurse (IQN) by the Nursing Council New Zealand (NCNZ), Enrolled nurses must have the required minimum qualification of 18 beylikdüzü bayan escort month diploma of Enrolled nursing Level 5 of the New Zealand Qualification Framework known as (NZQA). If you really find some nurse jobs hiring in new zealand for filipino then you need to be focused.

This guide listed below describes the steps that a Filipino Enrolled Nurse in New Zealand can take to move from Enrolled Nurse category to Registered Nurse category:

nurse hiring in new zealand filipino

Proof of identity:

Passport, birth certificate, alternative documents if the birth certificate is not available; possibly proof of a name change.

English language requirement:

You will need at least 7.0 in each (reading, listening, speaking and writing) or grade B in the Occupational English Test known as (OET). The results must be less than three years old at the time of submission.

Education equivalence:

This will be reviewed by the New Zealand Qualification Authority known as (NZQA), unless your degree has been obtained from a recognized educational institution. In this case your qualification is valid as evaluation-free.

Curriculum vitae:

After registration, a detailed record of your nursing experience including employment data (employer name, position (s), areas of activity and current nursing duties) will be provided. Information about your training / qualification seminars and your further education).

Current registration:

Your Enrolled Nursing or PRC license must be up to date. If not, be sure to renew it before starting your application.

Experience after licensing / registration:

International Qualified Nurses (IQNs) must have at least two years of post-admission experience in the five years immediately preceding the application.

Fitness for practicing:

Your license should not only be current and valid, but also be sure you have not been penalized by a regulator in your profession or a restriction on your ability to act. Fitness for work also takes into account your mental or physical condition, and whether you have ever been charged or convicted, or prosecuted in Filpino, New Zealand or any other country. All applicants for International Qualified Nurses (IQNs) must have an International Criminal History Check (ICHC) with one of the Board Approved for each country where they have been living in New Zealand for six months or are predominantly New Zealand resident Provider perform in sequence. Also note that applicants are also responsible for the payment of the International Criminal History Check (ICHC) done in New Zealand if you are applying as a Filipino nurse with an amount of A$149.

Competence to be carried out, referring to the need to complete the Competence Assessment Program (CAP)

If, after reviewing the other documents and requirements, the Nursing Council Of New Zealand (NCNZ) determines that you must complete the Competence Assessment Program (CAP), you will receive a letter informing you of the need to follow and approve the program to complete.

Course of less than 8 weeks (including theoretical and clinical elements). You have 24 months from the notification date to begin the Competence Assessment Program (CAP).


Occupation and character. Professional credentials must be original, and signed by a head nurse, caregiver, physician or healthcare professional who has supervised your practice as an Enrolled Nurse at the current workplace and certified your personality. The reference of the character does not have to belong to the health domain, but must be performed by a person you know for at least two years (may not be a family member). This reference must include the full name and contact information of the referee, your full name, date of birth and the circumstances in which the person you know, your character and your integrity.

nurse hiring new zealand philippines

Start Your Application to become a nurse in New Zealand if you are a filipino

Nursing Council Of New Zealand (NCNZ) encourages Enrolled Nurses to complete the Council’s online Application. After examining your registration application, the New Zealand Nursing Council will decide whether to take the Competence Assessment Program (CAP). In this case, NCNZ will inform you of the need to complete the CAP with a list of licensed / licensed institutions to complete the course. For complete, up-to-date and official information, as well as the list of CAP suppliers.

The price range for the 6 to 8-week price range is between 7,000 and 10,000 US dollars. Make sure you have the opportunity to get a seat on the Competence Assessment Program (CAP) before applying for a visa.

You must confirm in writing to NCNZ that you are eligible for the New Zealand registration process and have met your registration requirements. You must provide proof that you have enough money to buy a ticket in New Zealand from the Philippines for the duration of your stay.

Once the course is complete and you meet the remaining requirements (at the time of application), you can apply for your care permit at NCNZ. With the license you can receive this job offer to either work legally or to continue your application for permanent residence via the way of expressing interest.

Procedure for obtaining nurses registration by means of a visa for migrant nurses

Filipino nurses enrolled in the Competence Assessment Program (CAP) arrive in New Zealand with a limited visitor’s visa, which is generally valid for only three months. The CAP lasts on average nine weeks. Afterwards, Filipino nurses in New Zealand have to apply for a visa extension while waiting for practice.

After receiving the license, they must apply for a work visa. This requires hundreds of dollars (three times applying for a visa) and plenty of time to prepare documents for repetitive demands and stress due to insecurity.


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