June 20, 2021

Nurse Jobs Hiring in UK (United Kingdom) For Filipino (no experience required)

nurse uk hiring filipino


UK is hiring filipino nurses as of today but you need to have some certificate from Tesda to be able to apply or get qualified. And it is better if you have some experience from the local hospital in the Philippines. So that you will not be have a hard time once you get there in UK or United Kingdom.

Bracing life after Brexit, U.K. hospitals needs foreign nurses especially Filipinos badly. With Brexit looming, the shortage of nurses has decreased. There are an estimated of 16% of nursing jobs in hospitals that were taken by European nations citizen. Most of them have started leaving. The UK is facing a shortage of 40,000 nurses already. Once Brexit is finalized, the number could become 50,000.

Nurse Jobs Hiring in UK For Filipino

With staffing crisis increasing, the UK has started hiring nurses from countries like the Philippines. However, even though these countries have widely used English, they are facing a lot of trouble when it comes to language test has become an obstacle.

In order to be able to get a job in the UK as a Filipino nurse, the have to the o through IELTS test. The test is designed to measure the applicants’ability to speak, listen, read and write. They were required to write essays on a diverse subject. This particular part was found daunting by the applicants.

The alternative is to take the Occupational English Test. If the pass the OET, they would be able to pass with the lower test in IELTS. The OET  however, is much more expensive.

There are several advantages that attract Filipino nurses to work as a Nurse in UK

  1. Manageable work hours

NHS has a standard working time of 37,5 hours. Although, if the individual chooses to work on bank holidays and Sundays, they would be getting paid 60% higher. Those who opt to work nights and Saturday will get paid 30% more.

  1. Guaranteed long-term contract

Anyone who would like to work in the NHS will be offered an initial three years contract. There is a high probability that their contract would be extended as well.

  1. High Salary

Once accepted into the NHS, a Filipino nurse in UK that is hiring will be rewarded a band 5 staff nurse salary. This means they are being offered a range of 22,128 – 28,746 euros per year.

  1. Paid Holidays

NHS offers the best paid holidays of any carreer in the united states. An overseas nurse work, there will be 27 paid days that he or she is eligible to take. In addition, there is eight bank holiday per year. After working for five years, it will be increased to 29 days, and after ten years 33 days.

  1. On-site accommodation

There is an eight-week free accomodation that would be given to overseas Filipino nurses in United Kingdom to help settle meanwhile looking for a permanent location.

  1. Healthy Pension Scheme

NHS offers one of the most comprehensive pension schemes in the united kingdom. It is protected against inflation and guaranteed by the government. It lies between 7,1% to 9,3% depending on the salary.

Nurse Jobs Hiring in UK For pinoy

To be eligible to start working in the united kingdom as a nurse if you are a filipino, there will be few requirements that everyone has to meet:

  1. Test of competence CBT

This test is a part of a pre-departure test. It requires extensive preparation to study to ensure that the individual will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, understanding, and application of proffesional skills at the right level.

There are standards for adult and general nursing, children’s nursing, learning disabilities nursing, mental health nursing, and midwifery. They cover aspects of professional values, communication, nursing decision making, and leadership.

After passing the eligibility assessment, the individual will be asked to sit through a computer based theoretical practice test. The format would be in multiple-choice can be taken online from every part of the globe.

  1. Test of competence OSCE

This test have to be taken after the individual arrival at the U.K. The person would have to act out scenarios in which the filipino nurse  in UK or United Kingdom or midwife are likely to encounter.

Each separate clinical examination is known as a station and the candidate would be given a set of time in which they have to visit all the stations.

Each of them would be assessed based on standardized marking criteria. During the examination, they would be filmed to ensure quality assurance.

Nurse Hiring in UK For pinoy

Candidates are expected to be able to demonstrate effective practices that are safe.

Both tests can be taken up to three times as a part of one application, with a minimum of ten days between each seating. If the candidates failed at the permitted attempts, the application will lose and they have to submit a new application after a minimum of six months time frame.

Aside from taking the test that has been mentioned above, the candidates will also have to take en English language requirement.

The candidate have to achieve a required score in both IELTS (International English Language Test System) and OET (Occupational English Test).

A candidate has to have an overall score of in IELTS, with a minimum of 6,5 in writing section and 7 in reading, listening and speaking. The candidate will be given two sittings in which is separated across within 6 months of each other.

Meanwhile, the candidate has to have a minimum B score in OET. Like we have mentioned before the candidate is eligible to combine OET and IELTS. There are several requirements for this standard to be applied such as;

  1. The tests have to be taken within six months of each other.
  2. The candidates are tested across four sections at the same time.
  3. The grades in both sittings are above grace C+
  4. The candidate achieves grade B or higher in four sections when the results of both sittings are viewed together.

The registration and practice have to be taken in english is the first and native language within a year time frame.

Watch this video below to know more about the salary of filipino nurse in UK

The Filipino nurses candidates have to also pass the immigration requirement to be able to enter the UK from Philippines.

The immigration require that candidates with a sponsored employer has to take OSCE up to 14 days of the date. A visa provision is required for candidates without sponsorship to be granted access to take the OSCE in the UK itself. This visa a six-month visitor visa.

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